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What do I Value?

I recently had a conversation with someone about how people will spend their excess cash in areas of value to them. Some value keeping up with the latest fashion, while others value a new car or a family vacation. So when I looked at our spending habits, to see where our excess cash went or more accurately where the bulk of our monthly budget went. I wasn't surprised to discover that other than the cost of our home, we spend the most on food! Why? Because food effects our health therefore healthy food is important to me. Don't get me wrong I would love a fancy trip somewhere but if I'm not healthy enough to enjoy it, what's the point! Food effects our ability to deal with stress and our ability to sleep well. The American diet is comprised of more unhealthy foods than healthy ones in more homes today than ever before. Life is busy! There's no time to cook a healthy meal! But is this okay? Are we short changing our health because of it? Well the simple answer is "No" it's not okay and "Yes" we are short changing our health now and in our later years because of it. So how to we flip this around to benefit us now and as we age. I would say the first step is planning. Make a plan to eat healthy, make a weekly meal plan and stick to it. Next keep it simple. At least at first, make meals that include complex carbs with high quality proteins and fats. Meal prepping is helpful. Washing and chopping up you veggies for the week on Sundays for example saves time during the busy week. Make lunches the night before or make a little extra for dinner so you can take some for lunch the next day. And of coarse buying Organic veggies and fruits as well as high quality meats is mandatory. Your body will thank you for years to come when you feed it right. Our guts were not made to process the chemically manipulated Frankin Foods sold in markets today. Not only can't we process them but they keep us form absorbing the nutrients from other healthy foods. So do I value food? Yes, because I value life and want to have the best chance at a long and healthy one. So what do you value?

November 20th is the last day to order Organic Raw Unpasteurized Nonpareil Almonds! We need to call the farm by November 21st to place our order so they can ship them to us in time for our December drops. We just got in a fresh shipment of our Raw Unfiltered Honey and it looks fabulous! There are 10 days left before the animals go to the butcher! We still have plenty of grass-fed beef and pasture raised Berkshire pork available as well as Prime Rib Roasts and Holiday Hams. We have a limited amount of Briskets, Sirloin Tip Roast and Heel Roast available for this drop as well. There are a few pomegranate syrups available still. Cut off for ordering for the December drops will be December 1st.

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