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What a Year - Eat to Live

We all remember this time last year, when the world came to a screeching halt! Stores shelves were emptied, people were isolated in homes and miss information was everywhere! But we have come through stronger than ever. We are resilient people! Life looks different in many ways however we've adapted. We've learned to stock up live more like our grandparents did, with freezer and cupboards full, making and caning or freezing bone broth, and becoming more resourceful. All this really does lead to a better quality of life. The Ranch has kept up with the increased demand, bringing down two trailers full of orders now rather than one. They're running more heads of cattle, pork and lamb than this time last year. And through it all the ups, the downs, and the unexpected, we are thankful!

Have you heard of the term Regenerative Agriculture? You should make note of it because it matters to us, the meat we eat and the air we breath! What is regenerative agriculture? It is practice of farming and grazing that improves the land while increasing soil fertility and organic matter rather than depleting it. Healthier soil means more nutrient-dense food. It improves the biodiversity of the soil. We are the result of what we eat. This is just as true for the animals that we eat. When animals are allowed to graze on regenerative soil the grass they eat is far more nutrient-dense. So the meat we get from then is of far better quality than of those animals that graze on less nutrient-dense grasses or grains. The Rodale Institute reports the "we can actually reverse climate change by increasing soil carbon stocks". Soil acts as a natural carbon sink but the global soil carbon stocks have been declining as a result of conventional farming over the decades. Remember the Mel Gibson movie where dirt was the currency? So rather than the redirect that the gases from cattle are ruining our air quality, the opposite it true for cattle grazing in RA pastures. Healthy soil is essential to our future and that of the animals we consume. We as consumers get a voice with how and where we spend our income. Eat to live!

Our next drop is on April 2nd. We are taking orders for that drop now on the website. We have grass-fed beef and pasture raised Berkshire pork available for this drop. Raw Unpasteurized Honey is also available for April 2nd drop.