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Well Wishes - Selling Out Fast!

We want to wish you all well first and foremost. This current situation in our country is unpredictable and unprecedented. Many have been effected or know someone who has been. For some of us it is causing us to look at life a little differently, and that is not all a bad thing. We are being forced to slow down, that can be good. We are thinking about what we can do for our families and neighbors to be better prepared when hard times hit. The world is becoming a smaller place. Some of us had parents and grand parents who grew up in the tail-end of the great depression and taught us to always stock up, for some of us this is new and scary. Let your faith be bigger than your fear. Don't let your what if's shake your what is.

There has been a run on everything including our meat. We are sold out of Whole, Half and Quarter beef. There are no more Family Pkgs. available for the April 3rd drop. But we still have CSA shares and plenty of individual items for order for this drop. The drop is just over 2 weeks away now and the cut off for order is on March 29th. We have lots of raw unpasteurized unfiltered honey in stock. This honey is great for colds, coughs, sore throats and just plain yummy on everything.

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