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Summer is Here, so is the Heat!

We all know summer is hot! When the heat sets in for the summer months in the desert it is important to stay hydrated. Take water with you everywhere. Don't leave home without it! We also don't really want to eat when we are hot and this is not what your body wants ever! Choose cool foods like salads, smoothies and plenty of fresh fruit and vegetables during this time of the year. You need your protein because your muscles need to be fed so put protein powder in those smoothies and grill some meat to put on that salad. Don't sweat the sweat just make sure you are putting the water back into your body that you are loosing!

Our next drop will be on August 2nd. We are taking order for that drop now. For the best prices select a Family Package, Whole, Half or Quarter animal now and hold it with a small deposit. For the best selection order early. We hear from many member close to the drop date that many items are "sold out". This is true, the closer we get to the drop date the more items are sold out so order early. The animals are raised so that a certain number are ready for butcher for each of our drops and when they are sold they are gone until the next drop. Certain items like the steak packages and pork tenderloins tend to sell out fast so get them while they are available. You can always put in multiple orders and we will combine them before the drop.

Embrace the Sun and get your vitamin D

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