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Should we add more Bison products??

We have an opportunity to add new Bison products that can be purchased for the drops! We would offer top of the line Bison steaks, roasts etc.. From researching, we have found that Bison can be a bit pricey, so we need to hear from you before going all in!

Bison is a rare form of meat so the price will be a bit more than the standard beef cuts. The Bison we will provide will be top of the line, lean and delicious! We currently have a pole on our site where you can put yes, for add Bison and a no option if you just aren't into it. Here is the link please let us know!

Also, if you have some ideas of some products you would like to see us carry please comment below or email us with your thoughts! We really want to hear your ideas and would love to find some more small farms to support!

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