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Next Drop 2 Week Away! New Drop Location!

We are just over 2 weeks away from our June 5th drop! The animals are being taken to the butcher now and ready for dry aging. This drop is sold out!

We are taking order now for our August 7th drop. While we are sold out of all whole, half, quarter animals as well as most CSA shares there are a couple 30 lb. grass-fed beef CSA shares available still for August 7th drop. We also have plenty of ground meats, sausages, chorizo, brats, grass-fed beef marrow bones, and bacons available.

We are also taking order for the September 4th, October 2nd and December 4th drops. Keep in mind there will be no drops in July or November this year. It seems like we are selling out a month or more in advance so we have begun taking orders for all the future drops this year to help everyone plan ahead. The ranch is not allowing orders for whole beef this year to gives as many people as possible the opportunity to get some beef rather than selling whole beef to only a few and not being able to serve as many families as possible. Spring is here and there are lots of young animals being born. This is good news for the demand next year.

We want to give a shout out to Lance Randall at Steelhead Productions for offering us our new drop location in the south valley. We will begin dropping at 4220 W. Windmill Ln. #100 Las Vegas, NV 89139 on June 5th instead of 7540 Dean Martin. This will be our drop for those who usually picked the Dean Martin drop option from now on. It is only a few blocks north west of the Dean Martin drop. We are so thankful for all the suggestion and offers given to us by members. You are a supportive community and we are grateful for you!

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