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May Drops Sold Out! Taking Orders for June Drops Now!

The May 1st drop is sold out! We are taking orders for the June 5th drop now. The last few months have been challenging to stay the least. Life has been interrupted as we know it. This too shall pass, I've been hearing this a lot lately. When June arrives we will have summer upon us and the weather will be warming up. We will have Father's Day, Fourth of July and many other summer celebrations happening. There will once again be backyard barbecues with friends and family gathered together. The future will be upon us before we know it and there will be reasons to celebrate, maybe a little more than we had in the past! We have everything in stock for the most part for the June drops. If we have learned anything from all this, it is that it would be prudent to stock up! We are looking forward to fresh produce to can again as we have been so thankful for all the canning we did last summer! All those peaches, pears, tomatoes and apples have been enjoyed over the last month! As family and friends have scrambled to find meat in the stores we have been grateful for our freezer full! We learn in the challenges and what doesn't break us makes us stronger, amen!

Due to all the disruption in life concerning Covid-19 the ranch day has been postponed. We will keep you posted as to the date when they set one.

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