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Last Week to Order for the February 7th drop!

We have only one week left to collect orders for the February 7th drop! The drop is less than two weeks away. The animals have gone to the butcher and are dry aging before being cut into individual cuts. We will have the hanging weights and be sending out invoices for whole, half and quarter animals by this coming Friday. If you order one of these please look in you email for the invoice and pay and balance of your order upon receipt. There are plenty of animals available so you still have time to order if you've been meaning to and just haven't. We still have lots of our generous CSA shares available as well.

We want to send a shout out to all the Super Human Transformation member who have joined us. We are so excited for the journey you have chosen to embark on. Making changes to our lives isn't always easy but you are doing it! You are learning how food works with your body and you are choosing to make health a priority in every area of your life. Congrats! We want you to know we are here for you.

January has flow by in a flurry of activity for most of us. Busy days can lead to hectic nights and meal times scrambling for something to put on the table. I have loved my slow cooker for years, as a working mother it saved me many times. A few years ago I purchased a "fast slow cooker" by Breville. It's similar to the Insta-pot and it has been a dream to use. In a hurry I pressure cook, if I plan a head I slow cook and sometime I use a combination of the two. I love the "sear" feature as I can sear the meat, locking in all the juices, right in the pot. I also love the "reduce" feature, after cooking is done if I want to thicken up the juices to make a gravy I can switch to "reduce". We still have a few more months of winter and the season is perfect for stews and soups, short ribs and Swiss steak, roast pork and beef or leg of lamb Yum! Don't let busy days keep you and your family from enjoying warm and comforting healthy meals together.

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