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Everything is back in stock!

We have everything back in stock for the February 5th drop 2021! If you are wanting to lock in your order at the 2020 prices now is a good time to do so. We haven't been informed by the ranch of a price increase yet so we are taking orders for the February 2021 drop at the 2020 prices. As you know we have been sold out of many items for the December 4th drop for a while but some items are still available for that drop. We won't be down in January so plan ahead! If there is an item you want but don't see on our store, email us and we will see if you can get it for you.

Cooler weather is in the air and that means pot roast and comfort food! We love to host dinners this time of year and this year especially is a great time to invite people over for a warm meal. We've done chill cook-offs, pizza parties, soup exchanges, and last year we hosted a friends-giving with all the fixings! Let your imagination run wild with how to make others feel warm and welcomed into your home. We usually have a parting gift of some sort to give them on their way out the door to let them know we've really cherished our time together. Making people feel special for an evening is such a wonderful way to pour into them as friends, neighbors and family. As we approach the season of Thanksgiving think of how you can reach out and thank someone for being in your life!

Happy Fall Everyone!

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