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Berkshire Pork as low as $3.95 per pound!

Remember the old advertisement Pork the other white meat? However we have always found commercially grown pork to be slimy white meat. Farm raised Berkshire Pork is neither white nor slimy! This pork is beautiful bright pink and has the flavor of what pork use to taste like, when pork was allowed to walk the fields and root for their food. The commercial was trying to point out pork was as healthy for us as chicken and it is but not the commercially grown pork! Because Berkshire is considered the best pork breed and our pigs are allowed to walk, root for grubs and eat grass, they have far more nutrients that commercially grown pigs. We have several pork, whole, half and CSA shares available for the June 4th drop!

Don't know what to do with pork? We use the ground pork just like ground beef, any recipe calling for ground beef will work. Pork roast are wonderful in the slow cooker, think pulled pork sandwiches or salad, shredded pork tacos. Berkshire pork chops are wonderful on the grill! Moo Shoo Pork, pork wontons, stir-fry, the possibilities are endless! Think about ordering some Berkshire Pork today.

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