Mild in flavor and tender in texture these Spring lambs are 100% pasture raised without any grain, antibiotics or hormones given to them.  We have both whole and half lamb available.  The lambs are sold on the hanging weight at $6.50 per pound.  Average live weight of a whole lamb will be 125-149 pounds.  The hanging weight will be 60-70 lb. and will yield 40-50 lb. of meat.  Half Lamb will be half 30-35 lb. and will yield 20-25 lb. of meat.  These lambs are true Spring lambs, born in April and May of last year!  They will be butchered at the same butcher that butchers Christiansen farm goats and they know how to butcher a lamb!  They are a USDA inspected butcher shop.  

Whole Grass Fed Lamb Deposit

  • All sales are final. Deposits are non-refundable