This is a deposit only for Half pork, this will hold your order.  Half pork is sold on the hanging weight at $4.15 per lb.  We will email you when the butcher gives us the hanging weight to give it to you with the balance due.  Half pork usually weigh around 70-100 lb. hanging weight and there is about 75% yield of actual meat received.  We will invoice you through the an email the week before the drop date.  Balance needs to be paid off before the scheduled drop date.


Bulk  Ground Pork 5 packs avg. 1 lb = 5 lbs

Pork Belly 8 packs avg .75-1.0 lb = 7.5 lbs

Leg Roasts 2 packs 4lbs and 5 lbs = 9 lbs

Spare ribs full rack 1 pack avg. = 2.5 lbs

Roasts 4 packs avg. 3.5 lbs = 14.0 lbs

Bone-in Chops 1” 10-12 packs avg. 1 lb = 12 lbs

Tenderloin 1 pack avg 1 lb = 1 lb


Half Pasture Raised Berkshire Pork Deposit

  • All sales are final.  Deposits are non-refundable