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This is a Deposit only! This mouthwatering Grass and Barley Grass Fed Beef is a family favorite. This farm allows their cows to graze on pasture before being finished on a diet of non-GMO barley grass . The USDA inspected butcher dry ages the beef to perfection before handcarving the beef into succulent steaks, roasts, and other cuts. Because they dry age the whole beef, even the hamburger tastes like steak! We want you to be 100% confident and comfortable when purchasing from us. If after reading this page, you have any questions, comments, or concerns, please feel free to send us an email or give us a call.


Half Beef (Avg. hanging weight 325-425 lbs) – $5.10 per pound

Here are cuts from a half of a beef


T-Bone Steaks 6 pkgs. avg. 2.2 lbs = 13 lbs

Rib Steaks 8 pkgs. avg. 2.0 lbs = 16.0 lbs

Fillet Steaks 2 pkg. avg. 1.25 lbs = 2.5 lbs

Round Steaks 6 pkgs. avg. 1.75 lbs = 10.5 lbs

Top Sirloin Steaks 6 pkgs. avg. 1.4 lbs = 8.5 lbs

Skirt Steak 2 pkg. avg. 1.0 lb = 2.0 lb

Flank Steak 2 pkg. avg. 0.75 lb = 1.5 lb

Bavette Steak 2 pkg. avg. 1.5 lbs = 3 lbs

Cube Steaks 4 pkgs. avg. 1.4 lbs = 5.5 lbs

Shoulder Roasts 14 pkgs. avg. 3.0 lbs = 42.0 lbs

Rump Roast 2 pkg. avg. 3.75 lbs = 7.5 lbs

Sirloin Tip Roast 2 pkg. avg. 3.75 lbs = 7.5 lbs

Heel Roast 2 pkg. avg. 3.25 lbs = 6.5 lbs

Brisket 2 pkg. avg. 3.0 lbs = 6.0 lbs

Short Ribs 8 pkgs. avg. 2.4 lbs = 19.0 lbs

Stew Meat 6 pkgs. avg. 1.0 lb = 6.0 lbs

Ground Beef 62 pkgs. avg. 1.0 = 62.0 lbs

Soup Bones 8 pkgs. avg. 1.25 lbs = 10.0 lbs




Beef comes in packages small enough to serve two people. (Steaks are cut 1″ thick with two per package.) If you are serving more than two people, you can easily add packages to accommodate the size of your family. All meat is frozen at the butcher and vacuum packaged. Each type of cut is labeled on the packaging.

Deposits are non-refundable.

The price is based on the hanging weight of the beef. While we average 300 lbs per half beef, the actual weight can vary from 250 lbs to 325 lbs. A half beef with a hanging weight of 300 lbs will return around 200 lbs of cuts in your freezer. We won’t have the actual total price of your order until the week of delivery. It is at this point that we get the total weight for each animal and will invoice you a balance due which you will pay upon receipt.

For some, buying from the farmer is a new experience, so, if you have questions, feel free to send us an email or give us a call!


Half Beef Deposit

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