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Happy Labor Day!

Your Hard work is much appreciated. Thank you all for your service!

This labor day, we would like to talk a little about Christiansen Family Farm. The farm that makes this co-op possible by bringing us all of the quality meats/farm fresh products!!

Christiansens Farm Story

We are the Thomas family, and have been the owners and operators of Christiansen's Family Farm since 2017.

While it might seem strange that we kept the farm named for the previous owners, we found that our values aligned so well with theirs that we were proud to keep the business going under their name.

Although we are relatively new owners of the Christiansen Farm name, we are generational farmers and ranchers with roots steeped in rich ranching history. Our story started long ago and the values and passion of those who have gone before us still runs deep on our farm today. We believe that we have been led to this place and find great joy as stewards of this land and these animals.

Our farm is located in the quaint little town of Fairfield, Utah. The 240 acres of beautiful grass and sagebrush is home to our animals, who have ample space to roam and forage.We do not use any hormones, steroids or antibiotics on the animals we harvest for meat. We believe in sustainability and efficiency, and run our farm with these practices in mind.

We are a true family farm. Everyone has an important role and it takes sacrifice and hard work from each family member to make this farm operate! As a family we love raising cows and pigs. We cherish the opportunity to work together. Since our kids were small, they have always been taught to treat all animals with kindness and respect. We believe that our animals are provided to us by our Creator for our benefit. Since each animal will ultimately be harvested to provide us with protein and nourishment, we believe it is our moral duty as stewards of the animals to provide them with a happy, comfortable life.

Thank you to everyone that has supported and keeps supporting our family farm! We are so grateful for you!


order soon to lock in your animals

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