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You are what you eat?

Yes! The Genome study found that our familiar genes don't have to determine our lives outcome. So your family has a history of heart disease, you don't have to become a victim of it. What about diabetes? If my family has a history of the disease does that mean I will battle it? Not necessarily. What you eat and how you eat can change your lives outcome. Getting good food into your body in the right amounts, exercising and getting proper amount of sleep can equal a healthy long life. Even for those who's family has a history of chronic disease. It's not easy, it takes commitment, organization and work. Meal prep takes time, but find joy in the process. Fueled with the knowledge you are changing your destiny and that of your family as well.

Next Drop

We had a great drop on February 1st! Thank you to everyone for coming on time and picking up your farm delivered meat. Our next drop is on April 5th and we are taking orders for that drop now at As always the best selection of products is early, so get your orders in now. With a small deposit you can hold a quarter, half or whole animal and we will bill you the week before the drop for the balance due.

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