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Unpasteurized vs Pasteurized - Plan for the Holidays

What is the difference between Unpasteurized Raw Almonds and Pasteurized Raw Almonds? When you buy Organic Raw Almonds from anywhere but the farm they have gone through a pasteurization heat process that kills many of those gut healthy enzymes we want from organic raw almonds. The Organic Raw Unpasteurized Nonpareil Almonds we offer come right from the farm. We buy them right after picking in 30 lb. lots. What this means for you is when you eat these sweet almonds they have all the gut healthy enzymes still intact and freezing them does not effect the enzymes. We only have these available for drop on October 2nd and them they are gone for another year! Don't miss out them, they are great as gifts, in baked goods and make the best snacks!

The weather is so hot right now it's hard to say this, but the holidays are coming! Planning a head for family and friends to gather together once again is a joyous thing to think about after the year we've had. I only bring this up because the time to order for your Thanksgiving gatherings in now! October drop will be the one you want to get your sausage for you stuffing, bacon for the family breakfast and all other needs for November! We don't have a November drop so planning is everything. The meat shortages in the commercial side are going to continue into the foreseeable future along with the recalls unfortunately. But when we plan ahead we don't have to resort to buying our meat from the market, not knowing where it came from, we get farm fresh meat right out of our freezer! September's drop is sold out but October and December drops are open for orders. Don't forget Holiday Hams and Grass-Fed Prime-rib Roast are available for both these drops only as well. Don't forget to add Poms Away No Sugar Added Syrup and Raw Unfiltered Honey to your Holiday orders!

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