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Time Trouble - Quality vs Quantity

The trouble with Time changes. It seems like every year the springing forward and the falling back of our clocks gets harder and harder. While we look forward to the longer days of Spring and Summer is it still the same 24 hours! We all have to cultivate the life that matters to us within those 24 hour days. Being productive is a good thing! But being overly busy can take its toll on our well being. Life in many other countries runs at a much slower pace and people tend to live longer there as well. The Italians say "La dolce vita" for living the sweet life, the life that make time for rest, recreation and creativity. Just savoring the sweetness out of each day.

The quality of our food matters in our fight to be healthy. I say fight because that is what it is, we have to fight against a sedentary lifestyle, we have to war against low cost frankin foods, we have to fight the temptation to go to those fast food monsters at every stop light. What we do today will determine our future and that of our families. Make time for exercise, buy and prepare high quality foods that are raised right. Be an example to those younger eyes watching our every action and take the time to talk with our kids about food quality. When we eat high quality foods they are more filling, they satisfy with us longer and truly feed our bodies so that we eat less of what does not. We are committed to buying organic produce and eating only grass-fed, pasture raised meats in our home. We do what we can today for our physical health tomorrow to live the best life possible. Eating healthy is more expensive than eating low quality food but it is less expensive than the high cost of health care! We all have expendable income that we spend on what matters to us. Saying, "no" to somethings may allow us to say, "yes" to better things. Choose wisely!

Grass-Fed Beef With a $100 deposit down you can hold a quarter beef for only $4.85 per pound hanging weight! Our next drop is on April 2nd!

Pasture Raised Berkshire Pork This high quality pork taste the way pork should taste! If your buying any other pork you are missing out! This pasture raised pork is closer to grass-fed beef in a nutritional line up. Give you family pork with high quality fat and protein ratio.

Raw Honey Unfiltered We source this honey from Honeyville Utah and it is the best we have been able to get! 5 lb. for only $28. It crystallizes naturally because it have never been heated. Some companies will spin the honey combs to get the "raw" honey off on them so fast they actually heat up the honey in the process. But our honey is taken off the honeycombs slowly so all that raw goodness stays intact.

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