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Taking Orders Now!

We have grass fed lamb and raw honey back in stock! The grass is a lush green and the cattle and lambs are out in the field munching away and getting fat. The Berkshire pasture raised pork are routing around and happy it's not to hot yet. Spring is definitely in the air!

What will you be doing this summer? Grilling? Having friends and family over? Our June 7th drop is the best drop to stock up for the summer months. Where can you get truly grass fed lambs for $6.50 per pound? Or grass fed beef for as low as $4.60 per pound? Or pastured pork for as low as $3.95 per pound?

Making the most of the Family Package, a quarter beef and a half pork. When we buy the Family Package I always store my meats by kind first, 2 shelves of beef and 2 of pork. Then I divide it by cut, ground meat together, steaks and roast together. This makes finding what I have and meal planning simple. I love being able to pull out a couple days worth of meat at a time, dinner go together much faster that way. No getting home and finding I didn't defrost our nights meat.

So what's the big deal with grass fed anyway? The enzymes in grass fed meat, those micro nutrients that are missing in conventionally grown meat for one thing. Don't settle for less that the best especially when the prices are about what conventional meat cost.

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