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Summer is heating up! Walmart recalls thousands of pounds of ground beef!

We all want to gather together again as the summer sun warms up. Barbecues in the backyard and picnics in the park come to mind. The call to social distance goes against all our human instincts. Right now the best thing we can do to get outside! Together! The sun this time of year gives us the best ability to absorb vitamin D. The fresh air in our lungs, breathing deeply is what will exorcize them, strengthen them. We need nature and we need each other. Our kids need to grow in an environment that promotes togetherness and community without fear. Let's get back to life! Sure most Fourth of July events have been canceled but lets make our own! Let's whip up a batch of lemonade, cut the watermelon and gather out front to watch the children play.

We won't see you all in July but rest assured the animals are growing and we are gearing up for the coming months! The August 7th drop is sold out already but we are taking orders for September, October and December drops now. With almost 43,000 lbs of ground beef sold at Walmart being recalled for contamination in the past few days, we are so thankful to be able to offer safe meat from a small farm! We can't trust commercially raised meat to offer good nutrition. The animals do what they are supposed to, eat. However the commercial ranches don't allow them to graze freely on grass so the meat isn't as nutritional as it should be. The animals are kept in feed lots so crowded they can't move! Then they are crated off to butcher factories where contamination happens because of the shear volume of animals being processed. Our animals roam freely, are taken to a small butcher shop a few at a time and processed that way. No contamination! We know it's challenging planing months in advance your food needs, but your family is worth it. The freezer industry has been working overtime to catch up with all the demand for freezers as people have realized the benefit of stocking up and buying from a reputable farm.