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Summer is coming! June 4th drop

Summer is fast on the way and with summer coming there is always opportunities to celebrate with friends and family. Mother's day is next month as are many graduations, Father's day is in June, Forth of July is always a good reason to get together, and then there are birthdays and anniversaries. The list can go on and on! Life is worth celebrating and so are friends and family. Celebrations are best when good food is part of them and summer is the best time to grill and cook outside. Have you ever thought of these celebrations and the food served at them as training for young ones observing? Studies have shown sense the 1050's Americans have become less and less associated with where their food comes from. Today children growing up don't identify with their food as a source of life, nutrition and health. Especially in the desert where very little grows!

This disassociation with food brings about unhealthy eating habits, which can last far beyond childhood. When planning meals, get the kids involved, have them help make homemade marinades and barbecue sauces. Not only are they healthier but they will save money. Even if there are no kids in your home this is a good practice, yes is takes extra effort but the pay-off is worth it. Salad dressings are another good thing to make from scratch. There is a book we love, "Make the Bread, Buy the Butter" by Jennifer Reese. It's available on Amazon and no we are not affiliated, just love the content of this book.

We are accepting orders for our June 4th drop now! We have half and quarter Grass-fed Beef, whole and half pasture raised Berkshire Pork, 30 lb. CSA shares of both or a combination of both, and many individual cuts available or ordering. The Family Package is a popular order and best pricing of a quarter beef and half pork. When you order whole, half or quarter animals you pay a deposit only to hold your order and are invoiced the week before the drop for the balance due. Don't wait too long to order as the closer we get the drop date the more items are sold out.

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