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Spring - Prepare to Grill Again!

There is a newness in the air. The fields are dotted with baby cattle laying next to their mamas, the baby lambs with soon be born as well, even the daffodils and tulips are pushing their way through the hard packed dirt of winter! Spring is upon us and I for one am so thankful. With the warmer days out numbering the colder days of winter I feel a lightness in my step and a desire to get out and enjoy the fresh air. To everything there is a season and I do believe this strange season of being isolated and seeing smile-less faces is about to end. We've endured the long season of sickness but Spring brings with it the newness of life and we are to enjoy this life to the fullest!

Another great thing about the warmer weather approaching is the ability to grill. Our favorite way to cook meat is on the grill. We grill everything when we are able. April 2nd drop is a great time to order in gilling packs. Consider getting our 10 lb. packs of grass-fed beef or pasture raised ground Berkshire pork and through in a perimum steak package as well! Remember Easter is 2 days after this drop so plan for friends and family to get together. Also the next drop will not be until June 4th. So plan for Mother's day barbecue items you'll need to order on the April 2nd drop.

Are you one of the lucky ones who gets a tax refund? Consider using some of your gains to stock up your freezer with farm fresh meat for the next 6 months! What a great way to use what Uncle Sam handed back. I can't tell you how much easier meal planning has been sense we've been buying out meat twice a year. The rotation of meal planning revolves around the various meats we keep on hand in our freezer. Think of it this way beef one day, pork the next, then lamb with some chicken and fish thrown in between and I have 7 days planned out. Then we I go to the store I just have to gather the various fresh items needed to complete the meals planned. Food for thought!

Happy Healthy Eating!

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