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Sometimes we need to chill.

Americans are notoriously busy! We are have schedules that don't allow for time to chill out. We pass this on to our children as well when we fill up their schedules too. But summer time is the perfect time for chilling out a little and slowing down. It's hot out side so we seek shelter from the sun and that can be a good thing.

Relaxing can equal recovering to our bodies both mind and soul. We need down time for our pituitary gland to work well. So with that in mind we have added a few recipes to the site for just that. Enjoying a good meal with family and friends forces us to relax, laugh and recover together. Food united us. I recently read a quote, "While some of us like to cook, others like to eat. Many of us like both, it would be a waste of an opportunity to eat poorly." I like this and agree whole heartedly. Hope you enjoy summer it only comes once a year!

The beef are going to the butcher today so now is the time to get your orders in. Our next drop is August 2nd and I know we just started July a week ago but the end of July will be her before we know it. We still have a few lambs left and a couple of beef and pigs. When you order whole or half animals you can request special butchering if you prefer over standard cuts.

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