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September 4th drop sold out. Order for October 2nd - Poms Syrup and Raw Almonds!

Thank you everyone for a great drop in August! We really appreciate everyone for working with us and the ranch for these drive up drops. It was hot and took a bit longer than usual but is went smoothly because of you! The September 4th drop is sold out. We are looking at drops selling out a month before they happen right now so October 2nd drop will sell out by the first of September if thing hold the way they have been. We are taking order for the October 2nd and December 4th drops now. Note there is no drop in November so December will sell out early.

We have fabulous Holiday Hams and Grass-fed Prime Rib Roast (bone in) for sale on the October and December drops only! Make the most of this years holiday get togethers with friends and family. The grass-fed prime rib roast is always the star of our Christmas dinner.

Poms Away no sugar added syrup! This is the last time we will be able to offer this amazing syrup as they are retired. The syrup is great alone but also in drinks, in marinades and salad dressings. Don't miss out on getting some! only $8.50 per bottle. Limited quantities available.

Organic Raw Unpasteurized Almonds!! 3 lb. bag for $35. Order now for October 2nd drop. These truly raw and unpasteurized organic Nonpareil Almonds are grown in California. We are getting them directly from the grower, it is the only way to buy unpasteurized almonds. They are rich in enzymes and a great snack. Dropped in time for holiday gifts and baking needs.

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