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Sale on Grass Fed Beef

For the first time we have a sale on quarter grass-fed beef! Quarter grass-fed beef has been marked down to $4.70 per pound hanging weight. This is a fifteen cents per pound savings. Grass-fed beef is more nutritionally dense per pound and part of a healthy diet. With a small deposit of only $100 you can hold a quarter beef in your name. We email an invoice for the balance due the week before the drop.

We have a limited amount of grass-fed lamb available for this next drop. This lamb is 100% grass-fed and locally grown. Why buy New Zealand lamb when you can buy local grown not flown lamb.

Always pasture raised Berkshire pork is moist and tender and the most favorable pork you will ever taste. We have half, whole and CSA shares of this fine neat available. If you think you know pork but haven't tried pasture raised pork you haven't had real pork the way it is suppose to be. Fall is the best time to stock up on this amazing pork.

Our next drop is October 4th. We are taking orders now for it.

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