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Only a few days left to order for the August 2nd drop

Only a few days left to order for the August 2nd drop. We are about the wrap up the last summer drop for our grass fed beef, pastured Berkshire pork and grass fed lamb. Invoices have been emailed out for orders on whole, half and quarter animals. Please located these in your email and pay promptly.

With a nutrition profile closer to salmon than grain-fed beef and flavor bold enough to seem like a different animal altogether, grass fed-beef should be a staple in your diet. While some claim grass fed beef can be tough and gamy, these depend largely upon the particular breed of cattle and what grass they ate. The grass-fed beef we offer is raised in northern Utah where the grass is tender and green. This means the beef doesn't have that gamy flavor and the meat is tender. We've just added some great recipes for our beef check them out.

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