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Only 2 weeks left to order before June 4th drop - Accepting August 6th orders

As items are being sold out, we have begun taking order for the August 6th drop! If what you wanted to order wasn't available check back and order it for August 6th drop now. We are excited for the June 4th drop as it will be a great drop and not too hot yet. We do not have raw honey in stock but there should be some to order for the August 6th drop available soon. There are still a couple of Premium Steak Packages and Pastured Pork Tenderloins available to order for the June 4th drop. Will your summer barbecues include throwing brats on the grill? We have the cleanest, best tasting bratwurst available in several flavors, they come in 1 lb. packages of 4 brats each, think about adding a few to your shopping cart. Have you ever had a Lamb Burger? We have grass-fed ground lamb available in 1 lb. packages for $10 ea.

There are only 2 weeks left to order for the June 4th drop. If you've had it on your to do list to put in an order, don't wait some items are already sold out!

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