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Only 1 Week Left to Order!

I can't believe I'm saying this but there is only 1 more week to place your orders for the April 5th drop! The month of March has just flown by. We've been enjoying the cold weather roast and stews but man are we excited about the warm weather barbecues.

We still have a few grass fed beef and pasture pork CSA shares available. As well as pork chops, ground meats and bacon and we all know everything is better with bacon!

Invoices will go out this weekend for the whole, half and quarter animals ordered. Please be looking for them in your email. They are due upon receipt. Our next drop after April 5th will be June 7th!

Recently there was a small article in our local newspaper hidden in the back pages that really hit home. The author, Jim Hightower commented on the refrain many of us have heard in our childhood, "Stop playing with your food". He went on to say that this refrain rather than being touted to children should be shouted to the food fabricators and industrial agriculture as a rebuke, "Stop playing with our food!"

Corporate interests keep toying with our food - not to benefit consumers, family farmers, workers or the environment, but to fatten the profits of Silicon Valley tech giants, food monopolists and Wall Street financiers. Recombinetics a company is messing with the DNA of pigs to make them produce more offspring. It's also genetically altering milk cows to withstand hotter weather so the climate change won't reduce the output of huge dairy corporations. He went on to say, "Rather than remake animals and remake the marketplace to benefit corporations the play with our food, let's remake corporate system that is trying to Industrialize our dinner."

This is just another reason we go straight to the small farm, who raises our meat the way they were intended to be raised, not only in a way that is healthy for the animals but also for us! Knowing where your food comes from just makes sense in todays world of frankenfoods and frankenanimals.