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One Week Sale-Three Weeks to Next Drop

This has never happened before, but CSA shares are on sale for one week! Enter code CSAP for pork CSA share, CSAC for Combo CSA share or CSAB for beef CSA share when you order any CSA share and you'll receive $5 off. But you have to hurry because it will only be for 7 days! There is only three week until our next drop on August 2nd which mean we only have two and half weeks to order for this drop . The beef have gone to butcher and are dry aging right now. The pigs and lambs go to butcher this week. This drop is getting close!

Grass Fed Beef Jerky is a great option for on the run in the summer months. Pastured Pork Brats on the grill are nice for fun summer change. Pastured Pork Chorizo taco salad is hot and cool all at once. But the best part is they are all clean options for protein.

Is there something you don't see on our site that you'd like to order? Email us at with any special orders you would like, we will submit all request to the ranch and see if you can't fill them.

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