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One Month to Last Drop of the Year - Statins vs Cholesterol - New Recipes!

We are one month away from our last drop of the year! It's an exciting time of the year for us all, lots of holidays and opportunities to gather together with friends and family. The cattle and pigs are gaining their last bit of weigh before they go to the butcher latter this month. Fall is the best time of the year to buy meat because the weather is getting colder where the animals are and they are naturally putting on good healthy fat for the winter months. What that means for us is Winter butchered animals have an increase in nutritionally dense fat. Every cell in our bodies needs fat in fact The brain is composted of about 75% water and is the fattiest organ in the body, consisting of a minimum of 60% fat. Want to keep your brain firing all it's 100 billion neurons that gather and transmit information working well? Eat meat that is nutritionally dense in healthy fat! We will be dropping orders in Las Vegas on December 6th in the evening, December 8th in Carson City in the afternoon, and in Roseville CA on December 14th in the morning . We also have a new batch of raw unpasteurized honey that just arrived. It's light and sweet! Be sure to pick some up for all your winter baking and hot drinks! Only 2 weeks left to order the Organic Nonpareil Almonds, Raw Unpasteurized

More than 100 million people are diagnosed with high cholesterol so its no wonder statins are a big business for big pharma. There are HUGE amounts of money being made on these little pills and truth is they work to lower cholesterol. Statins are effective...But why would you want to take them? The bottom line is that statin drugs work VERY well to lower cholesterol numbers. And if that was the only way to grade their effectiveness, then they would pass with flying colors. Unfortunately, there’s never been any proof that this actually reduces your risk of dying from heart disease. Many of the drug companies that produce these medicines in their own words (in very fine print) on the bottles the companies package them in state "they have not been shown to prevent heart disease or heart attacks.” The better question here would be is cholesterol the evil it's been made out to be? Cholesterol is an extremely versatile compound that is vital to the human body (it should also be stated that natural levels differ greatly among individuals, so there is no “standard” healthy levels for this substance).The importance of cholesterol is clear, when you consider its primary functions in the body:

1. Used to manufacture hormones (including sex hormones), which control a myriad of bodily functions.

2. Helps the liver produce bile acids, essential for digestion of fats and ridding the body of waste.

3. Helps to interlock “lipid molecules” which are the basis of all cell membranes.

4. Essential to the “myelin sheath” around nerves, which aids the passage of electrical impulses. Given the critical nature of these functions, it doesn’t make much sense to artificially lower this compound with the use of chemicals. And we should not be surprised that doing so can result in serious unintended consequences! What are some of these "unintended consequences?

Depletion of vital Coenzyme Q10 (CoQ10)

Excruciating muscle pain (statin-induced myopathy)

Liver toxicity

Memory loss

Increased A1C levels (a measure of poor blood sugar control)

Studies have also shown that cancer diagnoses are significantly higher among those on statins. Parkinson’s disease has just been linked to those taking statins in a study released by a Penn State research. Think twice before you start on a statin and if you are already on one look for natural alternatives to switch to. Of coarse check with you doctor before stopping any medication. We like "Cholest-off" for a natural alternative to statins. It is naturally occurring Plant Sterols and Stanols that are sticky and attract cholesterol in you blood stream to stick to them and the the body naturally eliminates some cholesterol from the body as waist. It lowered my cholesterol 30 points in 60 days and my cholesterol has stayed in the high normal range for 4 years now. Cholest-off is available at Costco, Sams and Walmart just to name a few locations.

Baby it's cold outside! Perfect time for soups, stews, roasts and all those warm winter dishes. In celebration of this we have added a few new recipes to the site. Be sure to check them out for inspiration this winter.

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