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Next Drop less than 2 weeks away!

With our next drop less that 2 weeks away now is the time to shop! We still have plenty of dry aged grass fed beef and pasture raised pork available as well as grass fed lamb and raw honey!

We have just spent time in Nova Scotia Canada and I am super excited to be able to offer British Style Bangers for a limited time only! Banger and Mash is so good and when you use mashed root vegetables. These spicy British style sausages are a rare find and we only have 33 packages of them available!

The next drop is on August 2nd. We will not have another drop until October 4th so get all the quality farm raised meat you'll need for you summer time meals. Make the most of summer! If you are traveling this summer and can bring your own food with you, your body will thank you! What ever you plans we wish you a great summer.

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