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Next drop June 4th, just 6 weeks away!

We have only six weeks until the next drop! The animals will be going to the butcher in the next 3 to 4 week. It's a good time to take inventory of your freezer and stock for the next few months. It's also a good time to ask; Will you be having events at your house? Will you be going on vacation? Do you have extra income right now that you can put to use to help save money on meat in the coming year? The most peace usually comes when we plan ahead. We have plenty of Pasture raised Berkshire Pork available, Grass-fed Beef and Ground Grass-fed Lamb for our June 4th drop.

We have had so many baby calfs and lambs born in the fields around us. Spring is definitely in the air! They are so cute and really it puts the cycle of our food in perspective.

Collagen! The reports are in and Collagen is so good for everybody! From skin and hair to joints and stomach health, collagen is beneficial. Grass-fed beef is a great source for natural collagen. Many of us are trying to get in shape for the summer months and that's a good thing! Our bodies need protein and collagen as well as fiber and fat to function well. So when you are watching what you eat don't neglect to importance of grass-fed beef and pasture raised pork!

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