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Next Drop 3 in weeks! Instant Read Thermometers

We have just 3 weeks until the next drop! Animals are going to the butcher this week! We are officially ordering meat now for the hot summer ahead. There is still time to order for the June 4th drop but some items are nearing the sold out mark for this drop. Not sure what to order or what you'll use in the next few months? A couple of things to think about, what events are coming up, what meals are your go to meals in the summer when kids are around more and will you be feeding extra people this summer. We often host more get togethers in the summer months as the weather promotes backyard get togethers. We ofter have company more as friends and family visit more during the summer months. These are the gages we use when stocking up our freezer this time of year. Keep in mind the next drop will not be until August 6th. * If you've ordered for this drop be sure to add it to your calendar and note the location and time of your drop, as we have two locations at different times on the evening of the drop date.

We use the grill more in the summer to keep the cooking heat out of the house. One of the best cooking tools we've found is the instant read thermometer for the grill! It instantly tells us the internal temperature of the meat we are cooking. Because the grill cooks at a much higher temperature than indoor cooking methods, it's essential to keep a close eye on it. The last thing anyone wants to do is ruin a great piece of meat by over cooking it. When meat is over cooked it drys out and becomes tough. Searing the outside of the meat on both sides and then moving it to a cooler spot on the grill where with flame is lower or even off is known as indirect grilling. This is an excellent way to insure the meat retains the juices that keep it from becoming dried out. Costco has a instant read thermometer for the grill right now and it's a great Father's Day gift for the grilling dads!

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