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Next Drop 2.5 weeks away!

We are only two and half weeks away from our next drop. It's hard to believe we are almost to our April 5th drop. The animals are at the butcher but there is still time to order. We have a plenty of CSA shares still available and a couple beef quarters, pigs and a lamb. Don't forget to stock up on raw honey for the summer months.

The winter cold is coming to an end, Spring is in the air. We've already fired up the grill and enjoyed a couple of steaks.

Dr. Hyman advocates eating only what comes from nature. No frankin food! Nothing manufactured. The key to living our best life is high quality meats, vegetables, fruits, grains and dairy. Planning, shopping and preparing takes time. We get it! Think outside the box and shop in bulk when possible. Buy vegetables and fruits in season and keep sugar to a minimum.

FYI: Our June drop will be on June 7th

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