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Next Co-Op Drop in Two Weeks - Grass-Fed, Pasture Raised - Bone Broth

Our next Co-Op drop is in two weeks! The animals have gone to the butcher and are being dry aged now. There is still time to order for this drop but time is running out and items are running low for this drop. Take inventory now and decide what your needs will be for your family between now and December 6th when our last drop of the year will happen. Fall and Winter mean more cold weather meals, holidays and family gatherings. Invoices will go out on whole, half and quarter animals next week.

I love watching and animals out in the pastures. They eat all day long, moving as they do and when they do stop for short periods, they rest. It's inspiring to watch them, they know what their bodies need and when. Sometimes we forget! We get too busy, skip meals and get too sedentary or at the very least don't make a commitment to exercise. Forget about rest, lack of sleep is epidemic in many Americans. We need to take a valuable lesson from the animals in the pasture, listen to our bodies! Eating right, exercise and sleep are essential for optimum health. We are all growing older day by day, it is what we do today that will determine how we approach and live out our golden years! Invest in you, you are worth it!

Bone broth has deep roots in Chinese medicine, dating back thousands of years. Many of our grandparents use to brew up a pot for soup stock. Unfortunately modern conveniences have surfaced and replaced this tradition. A can of soup can not provide the rich flavor of bone broth teeming with minerals that nourish our bodies and allow for healing. Winter and Fall weather give us lots of opportunities to use bone broth in our cooking. Check out our Beef Bone Broth recipe.

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