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New Season, New Drop Location!

Starting with our Las Vegas Valley drops on August 2nd drop we will be adding a Carson Valley drop. The Carson Valley drop will be on August 4th. Drop location to be announced at a later date. People who live in the Minden, Gardenerville and Carson City area of Nevada will be able to get our high quality pasture raised, grass fed meats! We will be bringing orders placed for drop in this area back to Minden with us. We are expending because we realized there really is no options for people who live in this area to buy farm raised meat for a great price.

Speaking of great price, summer means the extra expense of vacation. We are all looking to pinch our pennies to afford the extra expense of summer vacations. Buying meat in bulk is one way to save. When you purchase the Family Package (quarter beef and half pork) you get the best price for your meat! Where else can you buy Grass Fed Beef for $4.60 per pound and pasture raised pork for $3.95 per pound? This is less expensive than conventionally raised meat! Not looking for quite so much the CSA shares are a great option as well to bulk up on meat at a great price. We are taking orders now for our August 2nd & August 4th drops.

Raw Unfiltered Honey! We have it in stock 5 lb. for only $28 We use it to sweeten everything! Summer time ice tea and lemonade never tasted so good! Homemade barbecue sauce or marinades and salad dressings are better with honey. We are working on adding to our recipe files and will definitely be adding some of these.

You don't have to be wealthy to eat healthy!

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