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More CSA shares available for September! Order Holiday Hams and Prime Rib Roast for Dec.

We have procured a limited amount of additional CSA shares for the September drop! There is still plenty of ala carte items available to order as well. We have lots of ground beef, ground pork, sausages, bratwursts, pork tenderloin, bacon and marrow bones. We also have a half grass-fed lamb available for September drop. If you've never tasted this all grass-fed lamb it is the most tender mild tasting lamb ever! Super easy to digest. We also have whole and half lambs available for October and December drops. Speaking of October and December drops we are now taking orders for the 9-11 lb. Holiday Hams and 5-6 lb. Prime Rib Roasts! That right you can get your Holiday Meal Meats in October and December this year. The price for the holiday hams are $55 and the prime rib roasts are $70.

August drop is about 4 weeks away! This drop has bees sold out for a while. Things are slowing down a bit and we still have room in the September, October and December drops for orders. The whole and half pork, half and quarter beef are sold out for September and October but we still have some you can reserve with a small deposit for the December drop. With the resent recalls on meat and the lack of inventory in the stores we want you to know that your meat is always safe when you buy from the farm and everything is being done to make sure we have enough meat to see to everyones needs. This is a community of like minded people we are honored to serve and we appreciate each and everyone of you!

Recipes! We are in the process of adding new recipes all the time and this time of year we love salads! Salads of every kind but dinner salads are what we have been focused on lately.

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