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May 1st invoices - June 5th drops

We are just over a week away from our May 1st drops. We will be emailing out invoices to those who have ordered whole, half or quarter animals for this drop in the next few days. Please be on the look out for those in your inbox or junk mail as they are due upon receipt. All item are sold out for this drop.

We are taking order for the June 5th drop and it is filling up. We do still have all time available for this drop which is good news. The ranch has been working long days trying to make sure everyone gets what they order. We want to thank them for their diligent work in raising such fine meat for our consumption.

We have all been effected by this pandemic! The stay at home order has kept many of us away from family and friends. The work place has changed for many of us, to home! How are you doing? Staying active during this time is important to our physical and mental health. We see many out for walk, riding bikes and turning home into a gym of sorts. Activity helps our food digest, our heart health and promotes sound sleep. All important to living and aging well. What about time to mentally recharge? We know kids and spouses that usually would be gone part of the day at least, are home now 24/7. How do you take some time alone with a house full? The key isn't so much how but that you do. Time to clear your mind is important to peace of mind. Some will go for a walk alone or take a moment to journal random thoughts so as to clear them out so to speak. As the weather warms up getting outside will have to happen earlier in the day. Some reports we are hearing are about how those who drink plenty of water are recovering faster than those who lack hydration. Water helps our bodies fight disease because every cell and cell regeneration is dependent upon water, so stay hydrated!