Lets talk cheese, bread and the next drop that's only weeks away!

The animals will be going to the butcher soon! It's a great time to take inventory of whats in your freezers and stock up. Order soon so you don't miss out! We also want to note that we have added another drop date for September 3rd. If you see an item you want and it says out of stock, NO WORRIES! You can select the September 3rd delivery.

Not only should you take inventory of your meat supply, but you should also think of stocking up on the new farm fresh cheese and bread that we offer! Both from local businesses in Utah.

Heber Valley Artisan Cheese

Flavors available to purchase: Wasatch Back Jack Snake Creek Sharp Mustard Herb Cheddar Tomato Basil Cheddar Lemon Lavender Cheddar Cinnamon Honey Cheddar Vanilla Bean Cheddar AWARD WINNING Beyond the farm, Heber Valley Artisan Cheese is ranked among national champions, garnering awards from prestigious organizations like the American Cheese Society, as well as a recognized trend-setter at the Specialty Food Association Winter Fancy Food Show.

Sourdough bread from Abigail's oven 3 ingredients you can trust: water, flour*, and sea salt *100% locally grown, non-dwarf, non-gmo, old-strain wheat.

List of flavors available: Country Loaf Rustic Wheat Country Cinnamon Swirl Jalapeno Cheddar Each individually made in a dutch oven! So fresh and good you gotta try it!

We can't wait for the next drop on August 6th. Get your orders in and we will see you soon!

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