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Last week to order for the June 4th drop! Memorial Day!

We have just one week left to order for the June 4th drop. Invoices will go out this weekend for those who put a deposit down on their order of a whole, half or quarter animal. Please be on the lookout for them as they are due upon receipt! We appreciate your quick response to paying them as all funds need to be in before the ranch will load orders on the trailers. We have begun taking orders for the August 6th drop but there is still time to order for the June 4th drop. We still have plenty of CSA shares as well as a couple of half pigs and even a Family Package! This is quite unusual for as close to the drop as we are. If you want to grab one or more of these as well as individual items there is still time to order.

We are hosting a Barbecue as I'm sure many of you are this weekend. Memorial Day is a great time to celebrate with friends and family. Celebrations of those who fought to win us the freedoms we enjoy in this country. We will be celebrating the birthday for widow of a veteran but we won't forget the freedom he sacrificed for us. Our celebration will include grass-fed beef burgers and pasture raised pork bratwurst along with fresh sides. Thank you to all you veterans, wives of veterans and children of veterans, each of you have sacrificed is some way for all of us!

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