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Immunity Boost - Grass-fed Lamb for Easter

Now is the time of year when immunity boost should be a top priority. There are many people around who are sick with flu and secondary sicknesses like bronchitis and strep. So there are a few things we can so to increase our immunity and a thing things we should avoid.

We can't avoid people and while some will stay home and isolate once they are too sick to function, many will press on and expose those around them. So what can we do to avert getting sick when we are exposed to coughing, sneezing, runny nosed people? Not surprisingly, nutrition can play a big part in building up our immune system. A healthy immune system. It makes all the difference in the way your body fights off germs, but just as importantly, plays an important role in more minute functions like helping tissues repair and rebuild themselves and how your body reclaims flagging energy.

Not just vitamins and minerals, but proteins like collagen and free radical-fighting antioxidants can be introduced to your body through the foods you eat, and play vital roles in helping to keep your body functioning at its best. Protein found in lean grass-fed meats, bone broth, fish, eggs, nuts and seeds help your body repair tissue and fight infection. Studies show that amino acids in protein, such as arginine and glutamine, increase your body’s ability to heal and decrease inflammation.

Bulk up on vitamin rich foods such are leafy greens, citrus and berries. Zinc and Selenium foods such as grass-fed beef help create and activate your immune system’s white blood cells and is essential in the enzymatic reactions needed for wound healing. Increase probiotics intake by drinking bone broth and eating fermented foods. Getting enough sleep - studies show that not getting the sleep you need — for most people eight hours is the minimum for functioning at your best — can compromise your health in ways you may not have considered such as chronic diseases.

Avoid sugar when your sick more than ever and if you simply must have something sweet choose dark chocolate because it's lower in sugar. Cacao also benefits your brain, nervous system, heart and blood vessels while helping to combat diabetes and other inflammation-related conditions. Avoid stress - when we have an abundance of stress it triggers our body to fight the effects of stress rather than our flu or cold, not to mention stress can lead to more chronic diseases as well. Avoid processed foods, excessive alcohol, and taking unnecessary medications as these may prolong your illness. Do include movement even 20 min a day five days a week will strengthen our immune system. So even if you sick movement is good just don't over due, save the 5K for when your felling well.

Grass-fed lamb for easter, yum! Our grass-fed lambs are mild in flavor and super tender. We offer half and whole lambs and you can hold yours with a small deposit. Average live weight of a whole lamb will be 125-149 pounds.  The hanging weight will be 60-70 lb. and will yield 40-50 lb. of meat.  Half Lamb will be half 30-35 lb. and will yield 20-25 lb. of meat. A whole lamb is $6.50 per pound hanging weight and a half lamb will be $6.75 per pound hanging weight. This price is less expensive than most grass-fed lamb offered on the market today. It is grown locally so our lamb is freshly butchered and dry aged days before the drop unlike other grass-fed lamb which is raised in other countries, butchered months earlier and flown here. Whenever possible choose grown not flown!