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Fun facts about Valentines day - HOLIDAY HAMS AVAILABLE.

Valentines day is coming up!! What a great day to make a delicious steak or ham dinner!!! Hams can now be ordered for our February 3rd drop!

Here are 6 fun facts about valentines day:

  1. The first valentine was sent in the 15th century.

  2. The symbol of the ribbon, which often adorns modern-day Valentines, is rooted in the Middle Ages. When knights competed in tournaments, their sweethearts often gave them ribbons for good luck.

  3. The tradition of giving Valentine's Day flowers dates back to the 17th century.

  4. At least 9 million people buy their pets a gift on Valentine's Day.

  5. Nearly 250 million roses are grown in preparation for Valentine's Day each year.

  6. The color of flower given on Valentine's Day holds meaning. While a red rose has traditionally symbolized love, other colors like deep pink, purple or white -- which symbolize happiness, royalty and sympathy respectively -- may be given on the holiday too.

Thanks for your continued support! We will see you on February 3rd!

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