February 5th drop just 2 weeks away!

We are only 2 weeks from our February 5th drop. We have 1/2 Lamb that has become available for this drop! There are still CSA shares available and plenty of ground meats and most al a carte items as well. We will accept order for this drop until January 31, 2021 or until sold out, which ever comes first!

Ground Lamb is now available! One of our favorite meals is Mediterranean Pitas, check it out! We also love to use ground lamb for lamb tacos, lamb burgers...the possibilities are endless. When you are planing and stocking up your freezer for the months ahead think about adding some ground lamb to your order!

Speaking of thinking about stocking up, many of us received a stimulus check or if you are lucky enough to still get a tax return, stocking up is a great thing to do with this money. Having a freezer full of meat to choose from makes meal planning much easier. As well savings on your monthly food budget. With the New Year upon us, making the change to stock up and save is a great goal.

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February 5th drop is just a week away!

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