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February 5th drop is just a week away!

The February 5th drop is just a week away and we are still taking orders! While some things are sold out and we are taking orders for them for April 2nd drop, we still have some item available for February 5th drop! In fact the ranch just told us they have 50 lbs. of Teriyaki flavored grass-fed lamb bratwurst! We have them on our site to order now for just $7.50 a pound! Tired of the same old same old? Try something new! Grass-fed lamb is so easy to digest and mild in flavor. We grill our bratwurst but you can pan seer these with some peppers and onions and serve them on a hoagie roll or over rice. Yum!

We will be sending out invoices for the large animal orders later this week. Be on the look out for them in your email if you put down a deposit only on a quarter, half or whole animal. As always we really appreciate your quick response in paying for the balance due on these orders.

As I mentioned we are accepting orders for the April 2nd drop now on some items. Next week we will open all inventory for this drop to be ordered. The demand for safer food sources is high as the public becomes more aware of the link between what we eat and how we feel. We are what we eat in a sense. The amount of antibiotics given to conventional animals that end up in the supermarket meat isle is tremendous! Not to mention what these animals are forces to eat to grow and survive. The value we put on our health is directly seen in the food we buy and put in our bodies. Winter can leave many Americans with extra weight, feeling sluggish and tired. The forced isolation of late can do the same. But what if we put our time and resources to better use. What if you and I spent our hours of isolation working out more, making healthier meals and food choices. Wouldn't we emerge later this year feeling better? More positive and confident, knowing we've taken control of our health. There is little we can control these days, but our food choices and how we spend our time is one of them. Let's do what we can today for a better tomorrow!

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