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Fall in Love with Fall!

The lazy days of Summer are ending but Fall is in the air and we love Fall! Succulent Pork roast and Bratwurst, Octoberfest and pumpkin everything come to mind. We get a ton of leaves in our yard in the Fall, all brightly colored and begging to be raked up. I don't mind them, in fact I enjoy going out on the cooler mornings and getting in a good workout raking. The oven gets the house warmed up with enticing smells coming from it depending on wether we are cooking a pork roast, leg of lamb or beef stew.

Berkshire pork that is pasture raised and free to roam in large areas are not only tender but flavorful, nothing like the conventional pork sold in stores. We are accepting orders now for whole and half pork orders for the October 4th drop in Las Vegas and the October 7th drop on Carson City. Whole pork is only $3.95 per pound and half pork is only $4.10 per pound. A small deposit will hold you order and you get to choose cured or uncured, ground pork or maple kissed breakfast sausage when you order a whole or half pork. We love pork all year long but Fall was made for pork!

CSA shares are a great option for those who are just trying our meat for the first time or those who don't have much freezer space. Our CSA shares are a 30 lb. box of meat in a variety of cuts. You can choose from all grass-fed beef, all pasture raised Berkshire pork or a Combo share of half and half. All of our grass-fed beef is dry aged for quality tenderization.

As always our Family package of quarter of a grass-fed beef and half of a pastured Berkshire pork is the best price value. Beef at $4.60 per pound and pork at $3.95 per pound! When you order through you'll never pay a delivery fee.

We have Raw Unfiltered Honey in stock and ready to go in 5 lb. tubs for only $28.00. Raw Honey is known for being antibiotic, anti fungal, antimicrobial, and great for regulating blood sugar as well as promoting sleep. It's a sweetener that has been used for hundreds on years by wise homemakers.

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