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Drop this Friday - No Sugar Added Pomegranate Syrup

Drop this Friday! The invoices have been sent out for the beef and pork. Lamb invoices will be sent out on Tuesday morning. Please check your emails and pay these invoices as soon as you see them. If you don't see them in your email check your junk mail file as they sometime will end up there. Only those ordering whole, half or quarter animals will be getting invoices. We thank you in advance for promptly taking of this matter. Friday morning all the orders will be loaded on the trailer and driven down to Las Vegas.

We just picked up 4 cases of the No Sugar Added Pomegranate Syrup today from the farmer and this is the best year yet! We are taking orders for this amazing syrup now. It make a great addition to all you holiday meals. Mixed with olive oil and vinegar it makes a great tasting vinaigrette for salads, mix it with mustard and chopped shallots and you have a great marinade for poultry and pork, not to mention it is a fantastic syrup with only 5 gm of natural sugar from the fruit only. We make sure to buy enough for the whole year in our house because when it is gone it's gone for the year.

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