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Drop This Friday - Last Call for Raw Organic Nonpareil Almonds

We have the September drop this Friday September 4th in the evening! We will be at 3999 Fulton Place in Las Vegas between 4:30-5:30 pm and at 4220 W. Windmill Ln. #100 in Las Vegas between 6:30-7:00 pm. Please be on time so we don't keep the ranchers waiting they make a long drive to come down and have a long drive back home when we are done. All invoices have been email out to those who have put down a deposit for quarter, half or whole animals and they are due now! If you haven't already paid please do so ASAP. Thank you in advance. If you don't see an invoice in your email from us, check your spam sometimes they end up in there. Contact us if you need us to send it again.

This is the last call for Raw Organic Nonpareil Almonds! We are putting in our order September 9th for them. These come straight from the farm and have not been pasteurized so they are completely raw and natural right out of the shell. They contain all the enzymes these little jewels should have and are a great source for a nutritional snack. They are loved by adults, kids and even our dog loves them! 3 lb. for $35 dropping on October 2nd!

We are still taking order for the October and December drops. Thankfully the ranch has been able to keep up and we are not selling out months in advance! There are still a few items available for October including a Family Package of a quarter beef and half pork! There are a few CSA shares and plenty of ala carte items as well. Remember there will be no drop in November so get stocked up for Thanksgiving in October. We will be dropping December 4th the last drop of the year! First drop of 2021 will be dropping on February 5th! Hope this helps with your planning again.

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