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Drop just over three weeks from now!

The April 3rd drop is just over three weeks away! Animals will go to the butcher for dry aging next Monday. There is still time to order however. We have lots of grass-fed beef, lamb and pasture raised Berkshire pork available. We also have raw unpasteurized honey back in stock, yeah! The prices are always great and the flavor can't be beat!

I've strived to feed our dog as well as we eat! I cook her up the grass-fed beef, lamb and pastured pork we eat and steam veggies for her but I stuggle when it comes to her treats. Well not anymore! We have Flourish dog treats available. We have half and whole pound jerky treats in both pork and beef, the meat comes from Christiansen Farm just like all our meat! All the ingredients are human grade. Check them out here Half pound and One pound

We will be in Las Vegas area April 3rd and dropping in Carson City April 11th. We have 2 drop locations in Las Vegas area, 3999 Fulton Place and 7540 Dean Martin. Check out our drop times and locations Here!

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