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Co-Op Drop This Friday August 7th!

This Friday is the next co-op drop! We have sent out invoices to those who ordered whole, half, and quarter animals, they are due upon receipt. Thank you in advance for quick attention to paying these invoices as the ranch will not bring any orders down that have not been paid for in full. We will be at 3999 Fulton Place between 4:30-5:30 pm. and at 4220 W. Windmill Ln. #100 between 6:30-7:00 pm. This will be a drive up drop. We ask that you stay in your cars and line up along side the trailer and we will put your order in you vehicles for you.

The September 4th drop is sold out. We are still taking orders for the October 2nd and December 4th drops. We have plenty of items available for these drops. We will continue to take order for these drops as long as items are available. We are still taking orders for 5-6 lb. Grass-fed Beef Prime Rib Roast and Holliday Hams for the October and December drops.

The unfiltered, raw honey is in stock. 5 lb. tub for $28!

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I don’t see the invoice for my order