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Co-Op Drop Just a Month from Now!

We are just 4 weeks away from our next Co-Op drop in Las Vegas Valley! While February left us dealing with snow and other weather the animals at the ranch were busy eating and roaming around their generous pastures. Getting fat and happy so to speak! In just over 2 weeks they will be going to the butcher to dry age for your orders.

There is still time to order whole, half and quarter animals along with CSA shares for this next drop on April 5th. The Family Package is still our best price available for a quarter beef and half pork. The price for a 30 lb. CSA share is very affordable and a great way to try out the beef, pork or a combination of them both.

Spring is on the way and with it many opportunities to gather together with friends and family members, to share in a healthy meal together. Spring is also the time to focus on shedding those extra pounds we put on over the cold winter or to just get moving again.

What ever your reason of eating healthy, we say, "seize the day!" Fill up your freezer to quality raised meat to have readily available. Precook meat in bulk, and refreeze it in smaller portions for those occasions when life is too busy to cook. We love putting any meat on a salad and calling it dinner, think taco salad, greek salad with ground lamb patties, salad with shredded pork or crumbled bacon yum!

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