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Christmas comes early!

We have a great early Christmas gift for all of you who thought you missed out on CSA shares for December! The ranch has agreed to bring an extra trailer down for our December 4th drop! That means they can bring down more orders! So that means we can offer more CSA shares and al a carte items. There are still some Holiday Hams and Prime Rib roasts available as well. Don't forget the Maple Kissed Breakfast Sausage and Bacon for those special mornings and special guests. CSA shares make an amazing gift for someone special as well, we've given them to our grown kids and pastors, they are always appreciated! The February 5th drop is open for orders as well.

Are you a planner? I love making list and checking them twice. Plan to succeed and you will succeed at your plan. The key for me is to write it down, the practice of writing allows me to be engaged in the doing, seeing it helps me remember this is a priority. I plan time management, exorcize, meals and of course budget. 2020 may have been a year of the unexpected and unusual but 2021 is right around the corner and it is never too soon to plan. Yes, the unexpected may happen but when you have a plan in place you can make adjustments for it and not get knocked for a loop completely when they happen.

I heard a story today that made my smile and have to share, There was a little boy who wanted a puppy and asked for one daily. Finally his parents agreed, they took him to the pound and said pick out the one you want. There was one puppy who never stopped wagging it's tail the whole time the little boy pondered which puppy to take home. After a while he said, "I'll take the one with a happy ending" pointing the the wagging tailed little dog. Let's make this year one of a happy ending no matter what happens!